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This Sculptor Gives New Life To Old Parts

Jos Hammer makes many things from motorcycle parts that aren’t motorcycles. When you work on old bikes, you tend to collect parts for them. After all, they’re old models, out of production, and you never know when you’re going to need that Turbo Encabulator for your rare Kawazukiya QK950. After you sell that old bike, you often…
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Artist Recycle Old Motorbike Parts Into Scrap Metal Animal Sculptures

Creating art from repurposed metal materials requires a lot patience and skills, the dutch artist Jos Hammer has no lack of them. He passionately makes all kinds of animals from motorbike parts that he collects and assembles to give them the desired shape: eagle, owl, octopus, chameleon and many more… Four years ago I made…
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Dutch Artist Turns Bike Parts Into Bold Avian Sculptures

Jos Hammer, a 39-old-year artist, motorcycle shop owner and super bike racer in the village of Steenwijkerwold in the Netherlands, has found a creative way to meld his love of motorcycles with his obvious talent with a welding torch. Hammer crafts sculptures of predatory birds and uses old motorcycle gas tanks for their bodies. His…
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