COLNIC design


Unique sculptures from scrapmetal and motorcycle parts
My gastank birds traveling all over the world

Harley Eagle

The Harley Davidson Eagle
made from a very nice Harley gas tank.

The Harley Eagle is about 83 cm height. 32 inch and weighs about 15 kilos.  


Harley Eagle

Blue Kawasaki Eagle

The Kawasaki Owl

Fawkes the Harry Potter feniks

The Black Angry Eagle



Raptor dinosaurus


Scrapmetal Boardtracker

MR Key

Sewing machine tractors 

Scrapmetal Kraken

Big flower with honeybee

Sewing machine hotrod

The Fiat


Blue Kawasaki Owl - COLNIC Design

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My name is Jos Hammer
I like to make unique items from old iron and motorcycle parts also known as scrapmetal art. I have a long passion for old materials and i love to work with it.
It really start when i made the BLUE EAGLE for a friend of mine. Who has a Kawasaki museum in the Netherlands. That photo of the blue eagle was very well received on facebook that i decided to make another bird that became the BLUE KAWASAKI OWL.

Than i decided to make a facebook page just for fun. I used both of my children’s names . Colin and Nick and merged them into Colnic design . That you find on facebook and Instagram. I am located in the Netherlands and people can see my works in Wolvega. A shop called ’t Pakhuis shows some of my items

I also make things on request in close conulation people that are interested can contact me.
Please enjoy my work.

Greetings Jos Hammer


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